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Efficiently Removing Travellers and Trespassers from Your Property

Owners of private land are at risk of unwanted visitors, as many people travel around the country and set up camps in fields or large pieces of land. Typically, they will stay in big groups for as long as they see fit. While they aren’t breaking any laws, it can be irritating and annoying to have travellers on your private property. After all, you own it, and they’re there without your permission. At Devon Investigations Ltd, we provide a fast and effective traveller and trespasser removal service, helping you reclaim the land that you own.

Rely on Us

Because the trespassers aren’t breaking any laws, the authorities and local council will rarely help you out, as they are not obliged to come around and remove the travellers from your private land. As a result, the travellers have no incentive to move on, and can live there for as long as they wish. This causes significant problems, as you probably want to use the land for something else.

At Devon Investigations Ltd, we are capable of removing trespassers for any private landowners. We will do our utmost to ensure that these people are removed from your land. The service we offer is swift, and can be done without having to go to court. Instead of trying to go to the authorities and waiting for them to help out, come to us. Our dedicated team will act immediately and make sure that the trespassers move on from your property without any fuss at all. All you need to do is give us a call, sit back, and let us take care of it.


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